CABOR Signs Letter Urging Changes to Gov’t Travel Rules

CABOR, NAR and other REALTOR® local and state associations from around the country have signed on to a letter by ASAE, The Center for Association Leadership, which urges Congress to make changes to legislation approved in late April that places severe restrictions on government employees attending meetings and conferences, including those held by trade associations. Approved as amendments to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) in the House and the Senate’s 21st Century Postal Service Act, the amendments were added to the bills in the wake of the General Services Administration scandal (regarding a 2010 GSA conference in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers $823,000).

NAR supports the goal of the amendments – creating more transparency and accountability in government spending – but is concerned that their language will chill government employees’ participation in non-governmental meetings and conferences, which is essential to the development of informed policymaking. For example, the language implies that if one HUD employee attends an CABOR event, no other employee from that agency may attend any other CABOR sponsored event in that fiscal year.

The letter has more than 2,000 signatures from all 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico, and was delivered to every Congressional office on May 7, 2012.

Read the Letter

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