New Member Benefit: Free Mobile Business Cards

How do you get your paper business card onto your prospect’s phone, where they have all their contacts?

Well, Exciting News! CABOR is proud to provide you with another exciting member benefit. Since everyone goes everywhere with their phone these days, we have arranged for you to be properly equipped with a valuable FREE mobile business card from Lilianbrie Integrated Technologies. This mobile business card or mCard™ is a digital business card that is delivered directly to your prospect’s mobile phones. It provides all of the info on your regular paper business card; like phone number, email address and website. But, unlike your paper card, your mobile card is able to have active links that will allow your business card to deliver brochures, videos and more. Plus, now all your information will be stored on the requester’s mobile phone for later use.

Most importantly, the mCard also provides vital feedback to the owner of the card, as to the contact information of the requester. Why just advertise your information and hope they call? With the mCard you can also collect their information and be able to follow up with them all in one step!

Secure your valuable FREE mCard today!  Also, while you are signing up for your mCard, you might want to check out the rest of the company’s suite of profitable mobile tools. CABOR members can get up to 40% off their everyday prices as a part of your membership, on this new benefit.

Lilianbrie Integrated Technologies is member benefits partner through the CABOR Edge Membership Deals & Discounts program.


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