Important Information About Logging into NEOHREX

In order to protect you and your client’s data, and to increase protection against unauthorized access to the NEOHREX system, Rapattoni Secure Logon with Adaptive Authentication will be implemented for NEOHREX on Tuesday, June 19th.  NEOHREX will then begin benefitting from the same industry strength security that is currently protecting more than 150 million online users in the banking industry.

You will need to complete a brief enrollment process the first time you log on.  This includes setting up your Security Image, answering a few Security Questions and accepting a new Usage Agreement.  You only need to complete this process once.  From then on, you’ll simply enter your Agent ID on the first page and Password on the next page.

We urge you to take a few minutes and watch the video you will see by clicking here.  This video will provide you with additional details about Adaptive Authentication.  This video is a generic video prepared by Rapattoni so the NEOHREX Adaptive Authentication will be a little bit different.  For instance, you will only need to answer 5 questions during your setup process vs. the 20 mentioned in the video.

Some common questions you may have:

  1. How many invalid password attempts do I get before the MLS times-out?  3
  2. How many minutes will I be locked out from the MLS if I have entered in my password incorrectly 3 times?  15 minutes
  3. Will the system tell me that I have been locked out for 15 minutes or will it tell me that I need to contact my MLS? It will tell you that you are being locked out for 15 minutes and that you need to contact your MLS Administrator for additional assistance.  The MLS can reset your login so you don’t have to wait the 15 minutes but you have to re-register by answering questions.
  4. How many minutes am I locked out from specifying invalid challenge answers?  15 minutes



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