RPAC Supported Federal Candidates Announced

The National Association of REALTORS® RPAC Trustees recently approved the following individuals as the RPAC supported candidates running for the United States Congress in the General Election that will best represent the REALTOR® Party.


Advocacy is absolutely vital to protecting home ownership and the real estate industry, and we encourage our members to get involved in politics at whatever level they are comfortable with. Make sure your voter registration is current; vote in every election; invest in RPAC; and, if you can, support candidates on an individual basis by volunteering for a campaign or even posting a yard sign showing your support of that candidate.

If you have any questions about RPAC or how you can get involved, please feel free to contact our Government Affairs Director, Jamie McMillen at jmcmillen@cabor.com.

**View the RPAC supported Ohio General Assembly candidates  &  Cuyahoga County Council candidates.


2 responses to “RPAC Supported Federal Candidates Announced

  1. It is unfortunate that you support a Senator who is a career politician and has done more to chase away jobs and home owners from Ohio with your endorsement of Sherrod Brown. Playing the middle here is disingenuous to your fellow associates in Ohio, especially since Senators like Sherrod Brown stuck his head in the sand when warnings went out about pushing legislation for irresponsible lending. A suggestion is to look at their voting records, and not the party or their tenure in office.

    • CABOR says:

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. As you know, a process is in place and utilized to determine the best candidate to represent the REALTOR® Party. RPAC trustees at the local, state and federal levels take into consideration many different factors including voting record, as well as other legislative actions the incumbent has taken.
      If an incumbent has been supportive of REALTOR® issues, RPAC should support him/her for re-election. This is the case for Sherrod Brown. He has been a REALTOR® champion since his days in the U.S. House, when he was one of the original sponsors of our legislation to keep banks from engaging in real estate brokerage. He has also been the lead sponsor on almost every major piece of housing legislation in the U.S. Senate over the past 3 – 4 years including bills to expedite short sales, extend mortgage cancellation tax relief, the home buyer tax credit, FHA reform and helped with the extension of loan limits for high cost areas. Please feel free to contact our Government Affairs Director if you have any additional concerns at (216) 901-0130.

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