New Residential Property Disclosure Form

Based on input from real estate professionals and the public, the Ohio Division of Real Estate has reformatted the Residential Property Disclosure Form to make it easier to read with more consumer-friendly language and better grouping of related disclosures.

The newly revised Residential Property Disclosure Form will go into effect on January 1, 2013.

Get the New Form

Licensees should provide the form that is in effect at the time the client completes it. Prior to January 1, the licensee may inform their client that a new form will be effective at the beginning of 2013. If the client voluntarily chooses to use the new form prior to January 1, the Division will not charge the licensee with a violation of license law. If the client has questions about which form to use, the licensee should advise the client to speak with an attorney. After January 1, the new form must be used.

Licensees will also have listings that began in 2012 and that will still be on the market in 2013. If the seller completed the previously effective form in 2012, the seller may complete the new form after January 1. However, pursuant to R.C. 5302.30, there is no specific requirement that a seller update the form. Again, this is a client choice which may be best informed by talking with an attorney


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