Housing Confidence Survey

Every month, the Ohio Association of REALTORS (OAR) distributes a housing confidence survey to participating members of OAR. The survey measures members’ level of confidence in Ohio’s housing market. OAR is seeking input from more REALTORS around the state, and is encouraging interested members of CABOR to participate in this questionnaire.

Here’s how the monthly survey works:

  • Typically, on the first Wednesday of each month, participants receive an email with a link to that month’s six-to-seven question survey.
  • The first three questions are standardized.  Additionally, one or two questions will be asked that address an industry hot topic. At the end of the survey, space is provided for participants to share comments, concerns or ask a question.
  • Each month, the results of the previous month’s survey are accessible via a link found in the survey’s email invitation.
  • Participants who respond to at least two surveys per quarter are eligible to be included in quarterly drawings to win one of three $50 gift cards.

If you are interested in participating in the housing confidence questionnaire, simply follow this link. Be sure to complete the entire survey if you wish to be included in the quarterly drawings for one of three $50 gift cards.


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