Vote, Act, Invest – How it Works Together

VOTE, ACT and INVEST cannot function in isolation of one another. In order for us to effectively leverage our political strength they need to operate in a perpetual cycle.


  • VOTE for those candidates who cast votes that support our business.
  • ACT by participating in Calls for Action, and by being active, informed, engaged members of our communities.
  • INVEST in elected officials who support our business.

This is our power.

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 A Message from Your REALTOR Party Leadership – Bill Armstrong, 2013 NAR Treasurer

“If you are better informed about legislative and regulatory issues affecting real estate, you will be more likely to invest in pro-REALTOR® Party candidates and vote for those candidates that support our business… Your support of the REALTOR® Party will make a difference.”

2012 REALTOR® Party Legislative Accomplishments

Source: NAR,



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