Nationwide Open House Weekend Logos

Share the news about the open house weekend on your own website, in your e-mail signature, or on your Facebook page. Use the code to embed the graphics on your own site, or click on the images and links below. When the graphic pops up in a new window, right click on it and choose “Save Picture As” to save to your computer.

Since the REALTOR® logo is being used in these graphics, we must be sure we are in compliance with NAR’s trademark guidelines. Specifically, The REALTOR® logo is supposed to identify a member, a member’s real estate business or the name of a member board.

NAR’s legal department would like to stress if the NOH logo is used without representation of a member board, member or member’s real estate business it would be improper and a misuse. Please make sure a member board’s logo or member’s name, or member’s real estate business name/logo is also included in any advertising piece.

Version 1

Embed Code: <a href=”×7-v1-2012-12-11.jpg” /></a>

Version 2

Embed Code: <a href=”×7-v2-2012-12-11.jpg” /></a>

Version 3

Embed Code: <a href=”×7-v3-2012-12-11.jpg” /></a>

Version 4

Embed Code: <a href=”×7-v4-2012-12-11.jpg” /></a>


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