Lorain City to Implement Point of Sale Inspections in 2014

Earlier this year, despite REALTOR® opposition[i], the Lorain City Council passed a point of sale ordinance, which takes effect January 1, 2014. Below are highlights of the legislation. Additional information can be found in an article on The Morning Journal website. [ii]  Contact Lorain City Hall for more information at 440-204-2577.

  • Start date of point of sale inspections will be Jan. 1, 2014.
  • Inspection fee: $100/dwelling
  • Application for “Certificate of Inspection”  supplied by Chief Building Official (CBO)
  • Inspection within 10 days of receipt of application & fee.
  • Buildings will be inspected based on code requirements from year of construction.
  • Code violations completed within 90 days, unless CBO extends compliance time.
  • New construction is exempted when a home transfers from a builder to the first buyer when the building gets an occupancy certificate. After that, sellers must get a point of sale inspection.
  • Certificate of Inspection issued if one of the following conditions has been met:
    • All violations of the City of Lorain Building & Property Maintenance Code corrected; or
    • If violations are not corrected within allotted time, the property owner puts amount necessary for repairs (determined by CBO) in escrow with escrow agent for subject real estate transaction; or
    • The buyer may sign and “assumption” form & put amount necessary for repairs (determined by CBO) in escrow with escrow agent for subject real estate transaction. Once escrow process followed, the CBO will issue the certificate.
  • Inspection Certificate valid for 12 months.
  • A foreclosed home that returns to possession of a bank does not need a point of sale inspection. However, the house must have an inspection if the bank sells it to another buyer, or after two years.
Read the Ordinance


One response to “Lorain City to Implement Point of Sale Inspections in 2014

  1. Bert Webster says:

    Pont of Sale in the city of Lorain is violating the procedure of their own ORDINANCE! AS a new homeowner in Lorain moving from Avon Lake. I was shocked and angry with how the CBO of LorIn city “Snucked” a point of sale onto my purchase without any prior notification prior to my closing on the property. Very low down and underhanded is what I say! My purchase on the west side of lorain and in a very nice neighborhood, and like all the homes their are maintained to a pristine condition. To think I would not have maintained or even improved the property exacerbates me to no end! Tweak your ordinance Mayor and educate your managers on the same! Stop making The beautiful potentially awesome city that Lorain can be by the Lake seem and appear stupid to buyers like myself who chose Lorain to make their home!

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