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I am pleased to announce that ACAR has entered into a new agreement with Supra, United Technologies, which allows us to offer an electronic lockbox system to the real estate market in Northeast Ohio at a drastically reduced rate:

ActiveKEY eKEY Basic
NEW PRICE $10.63 / month $10.63 / month
OLD PRICE $17.30 – $17.63 / month $17.39 – $20.04 / month


  • $50 activation fee – WAIVED for anyone who signs up prior to December 21, 2014.
  • Smart phone fobs – FREE for new eKEY customers who sign up prior to December 21, 2014.

It’s no secret that many areas in Northeast Ohio have struggled in the past to adopt an electronic lockbox system. Feedback from members indicated that cost was almost always the prohibitive factor. The ACAR Board of Directors believes the new agreement addresses this concern while all of the reasons to embrace the technology are as prevalent as ever:

  • Our members understand the risk associated with placing a combination box on a property.
  • Our members realize that once an agent or contractor has been provided a combination he/she has access to that property anytime they wish without an appointment.
  • Our members understand the risk to their clients and their personal belongings.
  • Our members understand the liability they have as an agent or broker by using combination boxes.
  • Our members understand that REALTORS® in the trenches listing and selling real estate on a daily basis are the ones at risk.
  • Our members are in favor of new technology and they are in favor of providing their sellers a safer secure access to their homes.

Please visit one of our locations in Akron and Independence to learn more about the electronic lockbox system and consider making the commitment to provide a higher level of security to your clients and to yourself. In the meantime, we can be reached at with any questions or concerns.


19 responses to “Major Announcement – Supra News

  1. Cheyrl schwind says:

    I noticed no price on the lock boxes since everyone pretty much threw the old ones away.
    And what about the updated the keypad how has that changed. A contrast source of iratation

  2. David says:

    No more excuses REALTOR®’s

  3. David Sturgeon says:

    What about the agents that already have the activekey? Do we get a discount also? Most are still ‘not gonna do it’ in my opinion.

  4. Patrick Ballasch says:

    Old technology at any price is a poor value. Who’s trying to beat this dead horse again? There isn’t a guarantee of security with any system. Don’t put lock boxes on homes needing real security. Have Realtors (independent contractors) vote on these things. Who’s driving the push for this junk again? What’s in it for them?

    • Rob Gallmann says:

      Patrick – The board is not trying to force anything upon you. We are working for our members and I think the significant reduction of the monthly fee shows that. We are merely trying to bring a better system then a combo lockbox to the members. We cannot change the history only affect the future which is exactly what we are trying to do. We have been able to reduce the monthly fee by 40%! The number one reason members said they are not using the system was the cost. We have addressed that concern. $10 a month to provide a more professional experience to me, is well worth it. The higher level of security for the seller is non-debatable. The old technology IS the combo lockbox. There are more SPI (Supra Products International) combo lockboxes in the marketplace than any other combo. How secure is that? Additionally, the SUPRA benefits to the agents are fantastic. The new system will add so many more features and work from any smartphone. I would encourage you to come to our informational meeting on the 17th. The information is listed above. There is a morning and afternoon meeting so it can fit your schedule. The ACAR Board is happy to hear all members opinions and we all grow through debate so I look forward to discussing this with you more on Monday.

  5. Patrick Ballasch says:

    Please keep in mind The Board of Realtors is a trade organization for the benefit of Realtors. They are not there to dictate to members. (Realtors & Real Estate Company’s. Realtors need to make sure decisions are made in their best interest. If you recall in the not so distant past things got away and the tail was wagging the dog. It was a costly mistake. Make sure you are being served properly.

  6. sandy maline says:

    I hated the old Supra lock boxes. I had to saw two boxes off doors and the key was always needing to be updated which caused a lot of added drama which I don’t need. I am not in support of this at all. I do understand the idea of security. I think this is just a big cash cow for Acar. The cost of those boxes are also an issue.

    • ACAR says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Part of the reason the price is so much lower now is because the lockbox system is no longer a source of non-dues revenue for the association. ACAR will not make a profit from it no matter how well it is adopted in the marketplace.

      Supra did have battery issues with the old AEII (grey) boxes resulting in them having to be cut from a listing. We have been on the iBox for 10 years and haven’t had any issues yet.

  7. June Harvey says:

    Wow! I cannot understand the negativity of my fellow REALTORS expressed here and in the marketplace. I wouldn’t have any other lockbox on my listings! My sellers LOVE (and expect) that I am notified each time someone goes into my listing and that the feedback request is sent right away. I have acquired my fob for use with my phone at no cost (until 12/13/14) and as long as my phone is charged, my fob works to open the lockbox. We must stay on top of the technology that most our industry embraces and this is one of them. Just a year ago Spring, one of our REALTORS’ owner of a property went by his home, it hadn’t closed yet, and discovered the buyer in the property, making alterations to the home. How did he get in? Combo lockbox!!! I also am aware of two incidents that the buyers actually began occupying the property BEFORE closing and had to be evicted. Combo lockboxes!! This system is a small price to pay for peace of mind for my clients and myself.

  8. Seth Task says:

    We appreciate the feedback and please keep it coming. It is our goal to change to the new Bluetooth technology soon. In order to negotiate the best terms though, we need to see how the number of our users increase. We have listened to the membership, and while it is impossible to make everyone happy, we believe we have done well with this new contract. Personally, I feel it is a responsibility of the board to offer an electronic lock box system. I also believe that with all of the recent safety issues, both related to our clients’properties and our members’safety locally and nationally, that we SHOULD be using a system like this. I would have one on EVERY one of my listings if the most members had a key. It is safer, more secure, and more documentable, without debate. I hope the membership feels that way too. The more that participate, the better it is for our industry. I urge you to please invest in your business and at least spend the $10.63/mo and participate.

    Seth Task
    2014 President, ACAR

  9. Sally Johnson says:

    ACAR leadership has worked very hard over the last months to bring the best lock box deal for all members! When representing your seller clients how can you NOT offer the security of a Supra lockbox when listing their homes? I have used the key fob with my iPhone app for over a year and it is always charged and ready to go and with our new Supra contract I am saving almost $7.00 a month. As a Realtor it’s a cost of doing business and for me money well spent.

  10. Paula Young says:

    we don’t need them. we have combination lockboxes that work perfectly fine. I have not used one or needed to use to get in a house in over 10 years plus. Think they are over prices still and we do not need in my opinion

  11. Tabatha says:

    The cost of the ekey or ActiveKey isn’t the issue as much as the cost and unappeal of the big bulky lockboxes. There’s no additional security when the big boxes on the door are obvious especially on a vacant house. If they want in, they’re getting in. Period.

  12. Jim Lowe says:

    Are wee keeping the same lockboxes, or does this involve another exchange? What technology are we in now, and is Bluetooth going to change things in mid stream? Will we still need the fobs after Blue Tooth comes out?

    • ACAR says:

      Hi Jim. We aren’t doing a lockbox exchange yet, but we will need to when we convert to the Bluetooth boxes. That will probably happen sometime in the next few years. The fobs won’t be necessary with Bluetooth, which is part of the appeal.

  13. Jim Lowe says:

    1/ This will require me to upgrade the cell phone.
    How do I know which one to get?
    I have Verizon right now and am out of contract.
    I’ve been waiting for the change.

    2/ How much will the lockbox swap out cost?
    (330) 724-9101

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