Zillow, ListHub to End Listings Agreement

The real estate website Zillow will soon stop receiving feeds of hundreds of thousands of for-sale home listings from ListHub within the next three months, as it expects to transition to its own listing syndication tool.

Zillow’s contract with ListHub expires on April 7. ListHub is a listing syndicator owned by Move Inc., operator of realtor.com®. Zillow officials say they plan to get more listings directly from multiple listing services and brokers through a new service called “Data Dashboard.”

In a statement, Move Inc. said that “ListHub has been negotiating in good faith a new listing distributing and reporting agreement with Zillow on terms that reflect the best interests of the brokerage industry. As communicated in public announcements, Zillow decided to end those negotiations and announced the launch of their own platform. Zillow chose their own route for their business model and interests.

Zillow’s has been receiving listing data via ListHub since April 2011. Since Move’s acquisition by News Corp in December, there has been speculation about whether the agreement would be extended.

With the ListHub contract ending, Zillow’s continued flow of listings will hinge on the appeal of Data Dashboard and broker and MLS participation with it. “A few hundred thousand listings” of the 3.6 million currently displayed on Zillow would be disrupted if the ListHub contract ended today,” said Katie Curnutte, a Zillow spokeswoman, in a report on Inman News. So Zillow officials are now reaching out to MLSs and brokers to participate in Data Dashboard. Since many of Zillow’s MLS partners with Data Dashboard, so far, are located in large urban areas, Curnutte told Inman News that rural areas initially may be the most affected by the end of the agreement with ListHub

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2 responses to “Zillow, ListHub to End Listings Agreement

  1. CECILIA "Cece" FOX says:

    What is our MLS going to do?

    • John Kurlich says:

      CRIS MLS and NORMLS do not syndicate our broker members listing data to any third party sites other than Realtor.com. Several years ago CRIS and NORMLS arranged for our member brokers to get free accounts with List Hub, and their listing data to be sent to List Hub, so that they, the brokers themselves, would have the ability to syndicate their own listings to any of the over 150 sites receiving listings from List Hub.

      Zillow has contacted CRIS and NORMLS about contracting directly with us for them to receive and use all of our listing data. At this time, the CRIS Board of Directors has rejected the draft agreement proposed by Zillow because the agreement, as currently written, permits too broad a use of, and does not offer enough protection, of, our brokers listing data.

      Discussions continue between CRIS,NORMLS, and Zillow, to find the best way to both facilitate those member brokers who may want to have their listings sent to Zillow, and to protect the listing data of those brokers and all of our member brokers from unintended use or misuse. Updates on those discussions and any associated decisions made by the CRIS Board will be posted at http://www.crismls.com

      CRIS members wishing to share their input on this subject with us may do so by email to crisfastfacts@crismls.com

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