Why Sell With a REALTOR®?

The day has finally come; you decide you’re ready to list your house for sale. You’re ready for more space and perhaps a better school district. But where do you start? Is a for sale sign in the front yard enough? How will you find the perfect buyer? If you’re like most people you start to research your options online. There are a lot of tools available for home sellers in Akron and Cleveland. They seem like a great idea. You might be thinking, “Great, we’ll sell our house in no time!”

But as you do more research, you start to have second thoughts about doing this yourself. How do you know if these DIY legal documents are sound? How will you have time to show your house if you need to be at work or take the kids to practice after school? Suddenly, the expertise and guidance of a licensed real estate professional seems wise.

Sure, your intent from the start was to save money. But how much time, energy and money will you really save by selling your home yourself? The reality is, not much!

Today’s savvy home sellers know that you’ve got to get your home listed quickly and efficiently. That’s why they utilize the services of a REALTOR®.

A REALTOR® is a client advocate, the market expert and the negotiating tiger all wrapped up into one independent contractor. So when you’re ready to sell your house, engage with a REALTOR® to help guide you through the process. You’ll be glad you did, and here’s why:

REALTORS® perform over 200 steps and procedures when assisting clients while selling their home. Below are just some of the steps REALTORS® take to help you sell your home.

  • Research sales actives, “Average days on Market” for type of property, price range and location
  • Review property tax roll information
  • Measure overall and heated square feet, interior room sizes, and confirm lot size
  • Obtain current mortgage loan information and verify with lenders
  • Check assumability of loans, and discuss financing alternatives and options
  • Prepare detailed list of the property’s amenities
  • Enter Property in Multiple Listing Service Database
  • Create print and internet ads
  • Coordinate in-person showings with potential buyers
  • Receive and review offers
  • Negotiate offers and confirm buyer’s loan application/status
  • Answer any comments, questions or concerns buyers or sellers may have
  • (for a complete list of all steps please visit www.RealtorsOnYourSide.com)

With all the necessary steps taken, REALTORS® can increase the sales price of your home by 27%! That’s because they understand the current market and your neighborhood. For example, you might price your home and sell it for $150,000. But by using the knowledge and expertise of REALTOR® – along with their negotiating power – you can increase your sale price to $190,500! The median sales price of an agent-assisted home was 27% more than one sold FSBO (For Sale By Owner). REALTORS® research to find the best price out there for you, along with create and distribute ads to market your home, coordinate and stage the showings, and negotiate to get the best offer or deal for you.

Selling your home takes a lot of work, and with all those steps to successfully complete the transaction, it can be crazy. All the stress can just be so overwhelming. But you’re selling your home to buy a new one. You shouldn’t be stressed, you should be happy! A REALTOR® works with you by your side to help you find that perfect home and some piece of mind in the process. When you’re ready to make the move, make it a smart move by engaging a REALTOR® early on.

So when you’re ready to sell your home, call a member of the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS®.

To find a service provider near you please visit www.AkronClevelandRealtors.com. The ACAR staff is always more than happy to assist with any comments questions or concerns you may have. Call ACAR at (216) 901-0130 (Independence) or (330) 434-6677 (Akron).


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