Stand Out From the Clutter With a .REALTOR Domain

You know website addresses that end with the domain extension .com, most do. And you’ve probably seen others that end in .org, .edu and .gov.

But, did you know that hundreds—if not thousands—of new domain extensions will exist soon? They can be for just about anything, including real estate, and are being reviewed by ICANN. That means that soon, many new domains will be approved, allowing consumers to search for the things on the Internet in an entirely new way.

That’s why NAR secured the new .REALTOR domain: to clearly provide a trusted source for real estate information online and to bring order to this increasingly complicated online world. Like the term REALTOR®, only REALTORS® can use .REALTOR domains, making it the clearest way to show consumers you are a member of NAR, and you adhere to a higher standard of ethics and are a source they can trust.

 Official site: www.about.REALTOR

When and Where
• REALTORS® can start to claim their .REALTOR domains on October 23, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EDT at www.claim.REALTOR. .REALTOR domains will not be available from any other domain registrar.
• Priority Registration: All members were given the opportunity to sign-up on a priority registration list to gain early access to claim .REALTOR domains 72 hours in advance of the October 23 general release using a one-time, special access code that will be e-mailed in advance. The priority registration list closed in Q1 2014.
• All domain names will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and must include your first, last or full name before .REALTOR. Specific naming guidelines are outlined at www.about.REALTOR.
• Phase I of the .REALTOR launch only includes domains for REALTOR® members using their name. Domains for firms/offices; local and state REALTOR® associations; association multiple listing services; affiliated
institutes, societies and councils; and other NAR-approved licensees will be included in Phase II starting sometime in Q1 2015.
On the day of registration, you will need:
(1) Your NAR member ID better known as NRDS ID (for CREA members NAF ID)
(2) Credit card
(3) Ideas for your domain names
(4) Your special access code (if you are on the priority registration list)
• The first domain is FREE for the first year for the first 500,000 NAR and the first 10,000 CREA members.
• .REALTOR domain purchases by U.S. members will include an optional FREE profile website from®
that will integrate a member’s social media content, listings and client recommendations—in one convenient location.
• After the first free domain, pricing for an additional domain is $39.95 with discounts available for multiple domains and multi-year registrations. Pricing details are available at www.about.REALTOR.
Benefits of .REALTOR
• Establish a branded destination for consumers to ensure they’re dealing with a REALTOR®
• A clean slate of domain names to choose from, whereas most desirable .com domains are already taken.
• Bring order and consistency to the currently disorganized real estate space on the Internet. Anyone can create a .com site, but only REALTORS® can use a .REALTOR domain.
• Positions REALTORS® with a competitive edge in the online real estate space by enabling the opportunity for future innovation, for example, a .REALTOR search engine, making it easier for consumers to locate
REALTORS® and real estate services.



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