ACAR Sweeps 2014 RPAC Awards

Annually, the Ohio Association of REALTORS (OAR) recognizes local boards, based on membership size, for their accomplishments with RPAC.

Local Boards are divided into five categories of similar size for the RPAC contests, which allows for equal competition. The categories are: 0-199 members; 200-649 members; 650-899 members; 900-2,250 members; and 2,250 or more members. ACAR is in the 2,250+ category.

There are four statewide RPAC contests. First place in each contest is awarded to one board from each category. For the 2014 fundraising year, ACAR swept its category winning each contest.

The four contests are:

  • Total Dollars Raised: ACAR members rallied to raise more than $117,000, including President’s Circle investments. This contest is based strictly on the2014 RPAC Awards aggregate number of dollars raised by each board by the RPAC year-end deadline in October.
  • Per Capita: ACAR’s per capita amount was: $34.25. This contest is based upon total dollars raised by the RPAC year-end deadline in October, divided by its membership.
  • Percentage of Membership Contribution:  51.1% of ACAR’s membership invested in RPAC in 2014. This contest is based upon the number of individuals contributing from a Board by the RPAC year-end deadline in October.
  • Overall Performance: First place is awarded in each category of the best overall performance by a Board.

Thank you to each one of you for your investments in RPAC. We could not do it without you, and we hope that you will help spread the word about the importance of RPAC.  Remember, RPAC is your best investment in real estate.

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3 responses to “ACAR Sweeps 2014 RPAC Awards

  1. Roberta says:

    WOW! Congrats to all!! Great job!

  2. Rob Gallmann says:

    Thank you and congrats to all at ACAR, especially Jamie! What a feat, you are a super star! This is the first time i ever recall this sweep from the people up north!

  3. Seth Task says:

    YES!!!! Way to go ACAR! Thanks Jamie for all your hard word and our members for stepping up and understanding that our dollars MATTER! I send this message from Washington DC as I am here for the NAR Public Policy Conference establishing our political goals for the year. These dollars will help us achieve those goals.

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