Consumer Outreach Campaign Update

This year ACAR has actively progressed with efforts toward educating consumers about the importance of home ownership and the value a REALTOR® brings to their real estate transaction.

Of course, we wanted to assess our progress.  During March, the Consumer Outreach Campaign generated over 800,000 impressions.  Impressions are important to know….that’s how many times consumers heard or saw an ACAR ad.   We were so excited to learn that our ad campaign had 817,427 total impressions.

More exciting than impressions is the total number of individuals we educated with our ads.  That number exceeded 500,000.  Ads not only highlighted how REALTORS® benefit consumers in any real estate transaction but also explained the financial benefits of using a REALTOR®.  Many consumers were surprised, and pleased, to learn that homes listed with a REALTOR® sell for 27% more than those that aren’t.

One particular aspect we were happy and encouraged about was the increase in ACAR member participation during our March ad campaign.  Maybe you don’t even realize you participated.  We saw a 185% increase in the number of shares on our Facebook advertisements and 700% increase in the number of comments on our Facebooks ads by members.  Keep up the good work ACAR!

During June, be on the lookout for ads highlighting the professionalism a REALTOR® brings to the transaction.  For more information on the Consumer Outreach Campaign, please contact Mike Valerino.

March, 2015 Campaign

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Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ad

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Landing Page


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