Protect Yourself and Consumers from Housing Scams

In light of recent news stories regarding housing scams in Northeast Ohio, we wanted to share some information on the topic from the National Association of REALTORS(R).

Online housing scams are persistent. After years of news reports alerting consumers to never wire money to rent a home they’ve seen only in photos online, they still do. News reports of families now homeless after being scammed out of a deposit are not only still prevalent but increasing, law enforcement agencies say…

There are countless ways that scammers and con artists (many based outside of the United States) try to cheat people when it comes to homes and property.

The most common property scam involves scammers taking legitimate property listings along with photos from websites including® and Trulia and reposting them on sites such as Craigslist for rent or for sale at a much lower price. Scammers will typically make up a plausible story that requires the consumer to wire or mail them money without ever meeting in person. The problem comes when all the renters try to move in and discover the property was never the landlord’s to rent in the first place. Other swindles occur when the scammer rents a house or apartment with the intention of re-renting it to dozens of people.

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