Check-In on Your Prospects Over the Holidays

The holiday season can offer a ripe opportunity to reignite a relationship with prospects who may have been unresponsive lately.

“The good news is that all these warm, fuzzy feelings during the holidays put us in a different mindset, leaving us more open to that personal connection,” writes Forbes contributor John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co. “People want to work with companies that make them feel good, and a real relationship will always trump aggressive sales tactics. If you can enter your customers’ consciousness and stay there at this time of year, then you’ll be more likely to see them again in 2016.”

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Hall offers some of the following ideas for connecting with unresponsive leads over the holidays.

Just send an e-mail. E-mail them a thank you for their business and well wishes – and leave out a sales pitch. Hall says at the end of each year he sends personal e-mails to most of his clients to wish them a happy holidays and tell them he is looking forward to another good year with them.

Send a meaningful gift. “If you can’t send something personal, don’t give a gift at all,” Hall says. “If you truly want to continue developing your relationship and you’ve been paying attention to your client’s personality, the right gift can go a long way.” For example, if your prospect loves cooking, consider sending them a subscription to a monthly recipe club. If they love their dog, send a gift box of treats for her pets. Here are more holiday gift ideas. 

Be active on social media. During the holidays, try not to disappear with your social media efforts. “Potential clients will be using social, and if you want them to find you, you’ve got to stay active,” Hall says. “Now, you don’t need to bombard them with updates — just a gentle reminder that you’re present is enough make a difference. Keep your profiles updated, schedule a few posts to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and engage with people who comment on or share your company’s content.”

Source: “4 Ways to Keep Leads Warm Over the Holidays,” (Dec. 20, 2015)


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