Apply to Run for the ACAR Board of Directors


Have you been considering a leadership role in your real estate organization?   ACAR’s Nominating Committee is working to identify ACAR members to serve on the Board of Directors.  The real estate industry is changing rapidly and we are looking for members to help us strengthen ACAR.

If you think you might be interested, please complete the candidate profile. If you have any questions please contact Therese Covell at (216) 525-4840 or email at  She will be happy to help you.

ACAR Director Candidate Profile - 2016

  • Please list any committee involvement, if any, you have had at the local, state or national levels.
  • Do you now hold or have you ever held any elected or appointed public office in your community?
  • Are you a member of or have you held any elected office at any other Board of REALTORS?
    Please indicate your availability to serve, attend meetings, social and political functions.
    Would you be willing to serve as an OAR Director and commit to attending two meetings in Columbus and the OAR Annual Convention?
  • Upload your resume
  • Upload your photo



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