REALTORS Help Out Food Banks in Akron and Cleveland

ACAR recently held Foodbank Volunteer Days at both The Greater Cleveland Foodbank (March 30th) and the Akron-Canton Food (April 6th).

At the Greater Cleveland Foodbank 24 volunteers which included ACAR staff, agents and affiliate members, sorted through 5,600 lbs. of different types of food, paper products, baby items, beverages, etc.  Volunteers not only had to check for expiration dates, but they had to check the packaging of items (ripped boxes, torn and/or broken seals, etc.).

Vicki Maeder, CCIM, Vice President CBRE stated, “It was the first time I had volunteered for this event and I found it to be very interesting.   I had no idea what to expect and was surprised at how large of an operation it is and how many volunteers it takes to be successful. It has to be an overwhelming task at times to continue to meet the needs of so many in the community who have to seek out help just to meet their daily food needs.  I am glad that ACAR was able to assemble a group of volunteers who were able to spend the time in helping them sort out the donations.”

20160330_155233At the Akron-Canton Foodbank, there were 15 volunteers which included ACAR staff, agents and affiliate members.  They sorted through 937 lbs. of apples which then had to be repackaged into 5 lbs. bags.  The apples were going to be delivered to different food agencies within 1-2 days of being sorted.  After that project the volunteers sorted through 10,498 lbs. of food, non-food items, beverages, etc. from a recent Stuff the Bus event that was held for the Akron-Canton Foodbank.

At both foodbank locations, the agencies were very impressed with ACAR’s professionalism, teamwork and how quickly our volunteers were able to sort and package the items.





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