Hot Topic Alert: Backyard Farming

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a bigger house with a better chicken coop. Backyard Farming is the thing to do these days. Not just in rural America but in cities of all sizes. What are some of the land use ordinances for those road crossing chickens?

Growing our own food has become a fashionable choice for city and suburban dwellers. Many homes have a small “kitchen” garden where a few tomatoes or other vegetables are grown, resuming a long American tradition. Henry David Thoreau famously “cherished” his bean field, writing that he gained strength from growing beans.

These days, most of us limit ourselves to saying we enjoy having the fresh produce. In recent years, Americans started growing more and more of their own food. The kitchen garden has turned into a small farm. Instead of being largely just a way of supplementing the family’s groceries, the backyard garden or farm is the source of a significant part of the household food supply. Many urban gardeners or farmers are no longer limiting themselves to growing seasonal fruits and vegetables, but are raising chickens or keeping bees. Where space and local ordinances allow, some city dwellers are even raising goats and sheep.

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Source: National Association of REALTORS


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