Reducing Lead in Summit County Homes

This is a guest post from Sam Rubens, Administrator, ARAQMD; Assistant Environmental Health Director, Summit County Public Health

Summit County Public Health Department (SCPH) and the County of Summit Department of Community and Economic Development (SCDOD) have partnered together with the goal to reduce lead in homes where it can be accessed by small children, and cause severely negative health effects.

In 2016, HUD awarded SCPH and SCDOD nearly $3 million dollars to identify and address homes with lead based paint in Summit County. Our goal is to remediate 160 homes in the three year grant cycle. This is where we need your help.

Our primary goal is to identify children (under the age of 6) with elevated blood lead levels, determine where the lead containing materials are in the home, and have those hazards removed appropriately by licensed lead abatement contractors. Realtors can assist us in identifying those homes that may be eligible by informing the homeowner about the program and giving them our contact information.

The grant requires that half of the cost of remediation is put on the home as a five year pro-rated, forgivable loan. As long as the owner resides in the home for five years, the entire cost of the project is forgiven. If the property is a rental, the owner can qualify for the grant under the tenants income, but will have  a 25% co-payment as the landlord’s responsibility. The remaining 75% of the cost will still be a five year forgivable loan. The primary goal is to reduce small children’s access to lead containing materials in the home.

If a home is suspected of containing lead, has a small child living there and there may be a potential for exposure, please forward them to Renee Dell ( at 330-926-5631 or Holly Miller ( at 330-643-8013.


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