REALTOR SAFETY ALERT: Update from Summit County Prosecutor on Robert Willett

Realtor Safety Alert


This update is a follow-up from the alert my office sent out in June of 2016 regarding a Mr. Robert Willet. As you may recall, Mr. Willet was  placed on three  years Post Release Control  after serving a three  year prison term for Abduction and Gross Sexual Imposition involving local realtors in Stark and Summit County. Mr. Willet targeted realtors by setting up meetings for house showings and attending open houses. Willett’s most recent incident was in 2013 when he “bear hugged” a realtor, causing a struggle between them. She broke free and was able to drive away. Mr. Willett was ultimately identified by his DNA from a pop bottle he had left inside the realtor’s vehicle.

Since his release from prison Mr. Willet has been on post release control and supervised by the Adult Parole Authority. As part of his conditions of supervision Mr. Willet was prohibited from possessing realtor listings, open house notices and criminal tools. Shortly after this release parole officers conducted a search of his room which produced contraband consistent with his prior offenses including realty listings and zip-ties. Mr. Willet was taken into custody and booked into the Summit County Jail pending further investigation. Mr. Willett admitted to the violations and was returned back to prison for 270 days – the maximum amount of time that could be imposed by Adult Parole Authority. Mr. Willett has served most of this time and was released on June 9th 2017.

My Investigative Unit will continue to work with the Adult Parole Authority in conducting further intensive supervision of Mr. Willet upon his release. The safety of the citizens of Summit County is very important to me, and my office will continue to be pro-active in not only prosecuting criminals, but also alerting the public of potentially dangerous individuals.


Robert E. Willett
DOB: 3/1/1957 – 59 y/o
Height/Weight: 6’05” – 280 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Prosthetic right leg

For further detail or any questions/concerns please contact my Chief Criminal Investigator, Ben Bergeron at 330-643-8337 or email

Sherri Bevan Walsh
Summit County Prosecutor
53 University Ave., 6th Floor
Akron, Ohio  44308
(330) 643-8152


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