Advocating for You: ACAR Reps attend Akron State of the City

On February 28, 2018, several members of ACAR attended Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan’s State of the City address.

In addition to gaining insight about the city’s successes and challenges, being present at community meetings like this, allows ACAR to connect with other community leaders and elected officials. This, in turn, helps us promote not only the association’s work and policy position, but also shines light on the important role Realtors® play in all our municipalities.

ACAR member & broker Jim Camp said, “It’s important to meet and develop working relationships with our government representatives long before we want to talk to them about a Realtor Party issue. I remember someone saying that we supported George Voinovich as a Cleveland City councilman on his way to being Mayor, Governor and Senator and a great friend of the Realtor Party. We have wonderful, hardworking staff who can make the arrangements, etc. but I’ve always believed that we as Realtors have to be there to represent private property owners and our colleagues. Yes, over the years you eat a lot of chicken dinners but you also have some great experiences. I met George W. Bush before he was President at a Lincoln Day dinner in Akron and regardless of what your politics are, most of us don’t have too many opportunities to hear top political leaders in our hometown. Resolve this year to step up your RPAC giving, and if we all get involved, we can make a real difference. I love the saying that if you’re not at the table you may be on the menu!”

To learn more about Akron, please visit For more information about ACAR and its Government Affairs Department, contact Jamie McMillen.


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