From The City of Cleveland: Three-Day Rental Inspection Process Begins at Park Place Apartments

This post originally appeared  here on June 20, 2018:

The City of Cleveland began a three-day Rental Inspection Unit process at Park Place Apartments at 1435 East Blvd.

This inspection is being conducted by the Department of Building and Housing and the Cleveland Department of Public Health. All rental inspections aim to ensure that units are dry, clean, safe, well-ventilated, pest-free, contaminant-free, maintained and thermally controlled. If violations are found during the inspection, inspectors will issue violations to the landlord.

The City of Cleveland’s Rental Inspection Unit was established after the passage of Issue 32 to ensure safe and healthy rental housing for all occupants through a proactive inspection program.

The rental registry maintains owner and contact information for all residential units in Cleveland in the event that owners must be contacted for an inspection or an emergency.  Starting in July 2017, Building and Housing inspectors starting systematically inspecting rental units throughout the city.  Notice is given to landlords at least one month in advance of the inspection date. The Department also inspects rental properties that have received complaints from tenants and others, to ensure that units are healthy and safe. This year, we have registered 49,845 rental units, conducted 3,351 rental inspections, and administered 523 lead dust wipe inspections.

If a tenant or someone else has a complaint about a maintenance issue that an inspector should check at a rental property, an email can be sent to or call 3-1-1 or 216-664-2000.


One response to “From The City of Cleveland: Three-Day Rental Inspection Process Begins at Park Place Apartments

  1. Tony Skerski says:

    Kudos to the City of Cleveland for starting to move forward proactively to lessen the degree of lead poisoning for the infants and children that reside in Cleveland.
    Now we have to prompt a change in the stance that Jamie McMillen, Vice President of Government Affairs | Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® and the board has about rental inspections.
    Her letter dated January 22, 2018 asking for more money from our members stated the following:

    “Why should you support the RPAC auction? In this election cycle, there is a great deal at stake at every level of government. We continue to set the bar high, and we need everyone to participate to keep our seat at the table on our top issues. Here are just a few of the issues RPAC is focusing on this year.

    *Stopping point of sale ordinances
    *Ensuring rental property legislation is fair and not burdensome in Northeast Ohio –
    especially lead abatement Issues”

    Jamie, if you think maintaining your rentals to be free of lead paint hazards is “Burdensome” you need to think about home burdensome it is for a family to have their infant or child being lead poisoned.
    We are not talking about lead abatement; we are talking about maintenance of property to remove Lead Paint Hazards, which should be done anyway.

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