Meet the Mayor: Mayor Holbert of Woodmere Village

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Name: Benjamin Holbert, III
 Woodmere Village, Ohio
First elected: Took office January 1, 2018, as Mayor. The term is four years with the possibility of re-election.    However, the office is term-limited to a total of eight years. Prior to my election as mayor, I served six years as Village councilman and five as council president

Why did you run for office?
Throughout my adult life, I have tried to make a difference through community service. As a member of the Village Council, I felt that running for mayor was a logical progression. As mayor, my platform is to spark economic development; beautify the community and create awareness about Woodmere Village around the state and the region.

Favorite thing about Woodmere:
There are so many elements and amenities in Woodmere to regulate my response to just one.   However, I would say the Village services and the employees is my favorite things. Because Woodmere is small, our administration can create a personal touch with our residents and businesses. Police, Fire, and service personnel look out for our residents and often know our citizens by name.

Fun fact about you or your community:
Some people may be surprised to know that I use to be a television news reporter and anchor. I worked more than 20 years as a reporter; I was employed at WUAB-TV; WOIO-CBS and WKYC-TV. I was honored to receive four Emmy awards for my journalism.


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