Board Approves Position on Municipality Fees

Throughout the previous year, the Government Affairs Committee worked to develop a policy position for the Board of Directors to adopt on behalf the CABOR membership.

During its most recent meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the position paper developed by the Committee.

Here is an excerpt from the paper: “CABOR believes that in order for municipal involvement to be effective and supportive, a city must consider certain components when assigning fees to various services, permits and the like. Specifically, CABOR believes:

  • When a fee is charged for city services, CABOR stresses a city’s obligation to only charge an amount that is equal to the cost of performing the service…
  • In an instance when home repairs or other city services are necessary, a city should never require an amount to be placed into escrow that exceeds the estimated amount of repairs, as such a requirement places an undue, unfair and unnecessary financial burden on property owners…”

This policy position will be shared with all local mayors later this month. Read the entire paper here (coming soon).


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