NAR Launches Consumer E-mail Campaign

NAR will shortly launch the first of a three-part campaign using e-mails and browser ads to make home owners aware of the value of home ownership and introduce them to NAR and HouseLogic as their allies in support of home ownership. The campaign is part of a broader consumer outreach strategy approved by the Leadership Team to extend REALTORS®’ relationship with consumers, increase the value of the REALTOR® brand, and enhance NAR’s lobbying efforts. The consumer e-mail campaign is a direct-to-consumer media push to all approximately 75 million home owners in the U.S. and an additional 7 million or so renters who aspire to become home owners. This first e-mail is expected to take up to six weeks for full delivery to the roughly 82 million recipients. Its goal is to build awareness of the existence of federal housing incentives and to raise their awareness that home ownership helps families and communities thrive. Release of subsequent e-mails and browser ads in future stages of the campaign depends on actions by Congress and federal agencies that could put public support for home ownership at risk. FAQ about the campaign.


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