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With the new release, the® mobile apps are introducing Collaborative Search, a feature that brings a personal touch to electronic interactions by letting agents invite consumers they are already working with to collaborate with them with a personally branded version of the® app.

Here are some of the exciting new features:

  • Agents can manage multiple clients from the agent-enabled version of the® mobile app.
  • Consumers can send their agent appointment requests and ask questions about listings.
  • Agents will also be able to suggest new listings, and alert their customers about new opportunities through real-time notifications.
  • Because every home is different, agents can understand exactly what their customers think by sharing ratings, conversations and notes that get saved as part of a listing’s history.

Finding the right home is an important decision – one that is best made with the guidance and help from a real estate professional, and the new® Collaborative Search app* is going to help agents get a deeper understanding of their clients. The continual personal interactions fostered by the application will help agents and their brokers strengthen client relationships, build loyalty and earn the confidence of their customers so they can more expertly meet their needs.

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