Are You a Real Estate Leader?

Have you been considering a leadership role in your real estate organization?   CABOR’s Nominating Committee is working to identify CABOR members to serve on the board of directors.   The real estate industry is changing rapidly and we are looking for members to help us strengthen CABOR.  If you think you might be interested, please complete the candidate profile:

***The CABOR Board of Directors election will not be held in 2013 due to the recently approved merger with the Akron Area Board of REALTORS

If you have questions, call Therese Covell at CABOR (216/525-4840).  She will be happy to help you.


2 responses to “Are You a Real Estate Leader?

  1. I have a passion for our industry and will take the position seriously. I promise this I will put forth time, energy and hard work. So I have to ask, Is this a proactive position or is this mostly just a title? If it is proactive and interested in exploring the possibilities of the future and ACT I am in. My reference is Mike Valerino if he feels I’m good for this great.

    • CABOR says:

      Thanks for your interest in running for the Board, TJ. The first step is to complete the Candidate Profile Form.

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