Question of the Week: Sharing Lock Box Codes

Working with a REALTOR® gives buyers, sellers and investors many advantages they need to succeed in today’s real estate market. One of those advantages is the assurance that REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics which provides their clients with the highest degree of professionalism, ethics and service. Often, CABOR staff receive questions regarding the Code, including the one highlighted in this video.


Code of Ethics & Sharing Lock Box Codes

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2 responses to “Question of the Week: Sharing Lock Box Codes

  1. Tim Baur says:

    Question. i understand about giving the lock box code out to the public, would be a viiolation unless the owner allowed the code to be given out and that you should have something in writing covering yoiur #$% just in case. One of my agents recently attended a seminar and this subject was brought up. She said that the person entering the house unattended by a Realtor could be arrested for breaking and entering. I find that a stretch of the law, but is it true?

    The same Realtor in my office had put a house down as no more showings they had a contingent contract on the house. This was sent to only CSS. Nothing was in our office, nothing on the dot.lop system. We tried several times to contact the agent letting them know that we had another agent in the office that wanted to show it that day. No response. I as the manager authorized the agent to go show it and if the seller objected then don’t . The renter that was in the property let them in. My agent said she could have had that agent arrested for breaking and entering. Just want your opinion.

    • CABOR says:

      Thank you for your comment and questions. CABOR’s Professional Standards Committee offers the following answers. It is never advisable to provide the lockbox code to sellers. We suggest you seek a qualified legal opinion if your seller advises that he or she intends to make the lockbox code available to unauthorized individuals.

      For specific situations, it is best to contact your legal counsel or your local board for detailed advice.

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