Have you received a demand letter from a “patent troll?”

If you have received a demand letter from a “patent troll,”  the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) wants to hear from you. Companies, often referred to as patent trolls, are buying up broad patents and using them to threaten small businesses and individuals, including REALTORS(R). Some of the recent examples of patent troll demands that our members have received involved a patent related to websites that allow users to locate, search for, and transmit property information to others and a patent related to use of scanner copier machines.

NAR is working on several fronts to fix loopholes in the patent litigation system that allow patent trolls to continue to threaten unsuspecting businesses and end users in this way. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you have received a demand letter seeking a licensing fee for a technology or process used in your business please contact us.  We would like to learn from you how widespread this issue is for the real estate industry in order to most effectively assist in finding a solution. Even if you received a letter and paid a licensing fee, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact NAR staff members Melanie Wyne Government Affairs (mwyne@realtors.org) or Katie Johnson in Legal (kjohnson@realtors.org).


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