REALTOR Safety Alert: Know Who Comes Knocking

The Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® issues safety alerts to address incidents reported in our area. We have worked hard to keep REALTOR® safety foremost in everyone’s minds. But your clients also face some dangers. REALTORS® please follow this advice and shared it with your clients:

  • Alert sellers that not all city or county inspectors, real estate agents, home inspectors or utility representatives are who they say they are. Predators come in all shapes and sizes. We tell our children not to talk to strangers. Tell your sellers to refer all inquiries to you.
  • The Office of Consumer Affairs warns homeowners to talk through a locked screened door for safety; they should ask to see the visitor’s name and company so you may verify their credentials.
  • Ask sellers to coordinate access to their home through you. Remember, Articles 1 and 3 of the NAR Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice 1-16 and 3-9 state that it is a REALTORS® obligation to protect the interest of their client, including how their property is accessed and by whom.
  • REALTORS®, be sure to know the process used by the municipalities in which you sell so you may easily identify legitimate city and county inspectors, etc.
  • Lastly, guard lockbox codes as you would your bank PIN code!

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