The Importance of RPAC

In politics there are players and victims. Players are proactive and want to be involved in the process while victims take what comes their way. Investing in RPAC makes us players. If real estate is your profession, then politics is your business.

Supporting our Political Action Committee (PAC) allows us to pool our contributions and elect candidates who support our industry, our livelihoods. PACs are legislative watchdogs and can help guide lawmakers through legislation that will benefit and protect their constituents. Investing in RPAC allows us to determine the quality of our future in the industry. Take a moment and imagine our industry without RPAC. Do you have the time to read through legislation at the local, state, and national levels to determine what language in what bills are good or bad for your business? Do you have the expertise to do so? Can you afford to support every candidate who supports the real estate industry? Do you have time to lobby each and every lawmaker on each and every piece of legislation? Will your one voice make a difference in the cacophony? RPAC is what gives us a voice and a seat at the table; and if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu. RPAC represents one million members– even the members who hitchhike and don’t invest.

How would the elimination of Mortgage Interest Deduction impact your ability to sell homes? What if the lead based paint laws had passed without liability protection and insurance provisions? How would all of these things impact your bottom line? How many homebuyers would be locked out of the market without FHA single family insurance, VA programs, or other federal and state programs?

Elected officials, at any level of government, are rarely experts in real estate but that doesn’t stop them from making decisions every day on how it is taxed, what property may be used for, how much education you need to be able to sell it, who has to be at a closing– the list never ends. Legislation dictates nearly every step we take in our careers.

Legislators depend not only on PACs and individuals to fund their campaigns, they depend upon business leaders and constituents to guide them in the decision making process.  REALTORS® need to have a strong relationship with elected leaders so we can voice our ideas and concerns on legislation.   If those of us who work in the industry don’t guide them, someone else will — and we may not like those results.

RPAC brings REALTORS® political credibility and influence. A strong PAC helps us hold candidates accountable for their actions. Of course, there is no way to ensure that every lawmaker we support will always vote in our favor, but with RPAC we can support candidates who believe in our cause and help lead them in their decisions. Candidates need money, volunteers, and votes to win election to office.  When RPAC supports candidates who have track records that speak to our interests, we help to give them a leg up against the legislators who have worked against us in the past.  For a legislator to not have the support of one of the nation’s top PACs — that makes a statement.

Again, you may think it sounds like a good idea to support elected officials on your own to try to influence their vote, but so many things stand in the way of the individual supporter. Amidst the obstacles, how does one voice stand to be heard over thousands of others that are so much louder?  Frankly put, you just have a greater impact on the issues that affect your life if you join in supporting the PAC and extending your influence to every level of government. We are in the fight of our lives. The government will chip away at how we conduct our business if we don’t work with them and make our voice, our needs, heard.

Simply put, RPAC has your back.


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