Cleveland Water Department Answers Questions

Recently, the ACAR Legislative Committee and its guests met with representatives from the Cleveland Water Department for a follow-up on discussions started last fall. Those in attendance were able to share experiences and questions with the panel. This meeting was the second in what is planned to be an ongoing series.

Following the meeting, several questions were raised and the Cleveland Water Department was happy to provide answers.

Why are water/sewer delinquent accounts allowed to get so large?

The City of Cleveland Division of Water strives diligently at disconnecting service on delinquent accounts.  Since our water connections are located approximately six feet under ground and usually in the owner’s tree lawn, several connections are inoperable at initial contact and need special crews to reset the connection by digging up the tree lawn or driveway which may delay our collection process.

Who is the best person/department to contact to get final invoices for escrow holdbacks?

All final bill requests are to be made through our Customer Service Unit only by calling 216-664-3130; please do not send any final bill requests to the status request email – there won’t be a response.

What documentation/information is needed to get a final invoice?

The deed should be recorded with the title transfer date or you can submit a settlement statement.  If the title has not been updated on the Auditor’s website, then the title agency should send the first page of the recorded deed or settlement statement in order to process the change of ownership; if the title has transferred, simply contact our Customer Service Unit at 216-664-3130.

Who is the best person/department to contact to get status letters for determining the amount to hold back for a water/sewer escrow?

Status requests must follow the new process of sending an email of the property address to – any requests received by fax will not continue to be honored; our new process has been communicated several times and by several means.

What is the standard turn around time for a request?

Five business days

Is there a way to get a rush response for a quick closing?

Please ensure that all requests are sent in a timely manner and we will adhere to our 5-business day turn.

How can we find out if the water has been turned off?

Please contact the Customer Service Unit at 216-664-3130.

Is there a monthly minimum charge even if the water is turned off?

Yes, a quarterly fixed fee is charged.

What is the escalation chain for unresolved issues?

Brenda Washington – (216) 664-2444×5152 or

Karen Robinson – (216) 664-2444×5162

What is the procedure if the final invoice is larger than the amount held back in escrow?  Is the title company responsible for trying to collect, or can we send the amount we held and advise of the forwarding address if we have one?

The escrow company is only responsible for holding the amount that is listed on the status receipt.  The City of Cleveland Division of Water would need the forwarding address for the seller in order for us to pursue collection activity.

Is there a website, or information available about the coverage area for billing? or specifically


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