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Find the Perfect Asking Price with these 3 tricks

Determining the perfect asking price involves psychological reasons as much as practical reasons, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“When you set a list price, you’re sending a signal to the market,” says Michael Seiler, professor of

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REALTORS® Losing Confidence in Market

REALTORS® are losing confidence in current market conditions and are downgrading their outlook for the next six months, according to the latest REALTOR® Confidence Index, a monthly survey sent to more than 50,000 real estate

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Unexpected Drop in New-Home Sales

Sales of newly built single-family homes dipped 2.4 percent in July, catching many housing analysts off guard.

"We are somewhat surprised by this dip, considering builder confidence and new-home starts are on the rise," says Kevin

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Built-to-rent: New phase or Market?

Construction of single-family homes that are built-to-rent is making up a smaller share of new-home construction, according to newly released Commerce Department data.

In the first half of this year, builders began construction on 10,000 homes

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Repeat Business: Why Your Clients Really Stick By You

The key to customer retention: Keep your clients satisfied with your services and they’ll keep using you again and again. But satisfaction isn’t always at the core of why customers return. Some customers may return

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