Establish and Maintain Your Real Estate Brand

What can you do today that will make a difference for your real estate business tomorrow? Creating a unique brand and standing out online takes time and commitment. If you want to grow your reach and your brand awareness, these 5 steps can help you reach your goal.


Don’t try to speak to everyone

Not every individual is a potential client. For instance, it’s highly improbable that the paralegal in Phoenix, Arizona is the person who is looking to move to your Tampa, Florida listings. Further, the average eighteen year old just is probably not viable to market to for your high-end downtown condos. While you shouldn’t disregard them entirely, your brand efforts shouldn’t give these individuals the same attention as you should to demographics that are far more likely to call upon your services in your local market. Knowing the audience that is most attracted to your brand and speaking directly to it will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.

Understand your marketing tools

Once you get a fix on your potential market, you have to appropriately craft your content. You need to take your knowledge, expertise, and experience and share it in a way that resonates with your target market.

This includes knowing your community and also the social platform you are marketing from. What you share on your blog might be different than what you share on your Facebook business page. Get a handle of how your audience uses these social tools and design your content to best fit with these platforms.

Identify your audience’s priorities

Do you know the challenges your potential clients face? What issues are they dealing with in the home-buying or selling process? Once you come to identify this pressing issues, make an emphasis to have your brand provide solutions to these concerns. Use these solutions as inspiration for marketing content and how to communicate with them.

Speak Your Customers Language

Knowing your stuff is not enough. Knowing how to communicate your knowledge to others is just as important, if not more so. You must design your marketing messages to cater to your audience and their preferences.

The content of your message shouldn’t differentiate based on the audience, but how it’s said should be evaluated. For some consumers, this may mean using simple plain words rather than a more expansive vocabulary.

One language no-no to stay away from however is the use of industry jargon. You might enjoy using industry jargon, but your audience doesn’t know it, nor does it want to hear it. Using real estate jargon can even turn your readers off from your services. Stay away from this!

Don’t go overboard with visuals

Incorporating appealing visuals into your marketing generates brand consistency. It also connects your offline and online marketing creating a seamless look and feel. While visuals can capture attention, they can also hurt your brand if they’re not done right. Don’t get crazy with your visuals. This includes aspects such as colors, images and even fonts. The rule of thumb is to always keep visuals clean, succinct and simple

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