Cleveland Water Department Update

In mid-August, the Cleveland Water Department distributed an email with instructions detailing changes made to the water service inspection process.

According to the email, effective September 1, 2014, CWD implemented a new process or you to request water services for inspections.  The Water Restoration Release Form will need to be filled out entirely in order for water service to be restored at a property for inspection.  The form will no longer need to be faxed on company letterhead and is being replaced by the revised form, which has the following additional sections that must be filled in for restoration of water:

  1.  Inside meter reading filled in with either the base read or “no meter at location.”
  2.  Stop and Waste Valve Position must be checked prior to restoration.
  3.  Signature from requesting agent (cannot be a digital signature).

These new fields will assist Cleveland Water in responding to your requests promptly.  You must submit your request for water turn-on for inspection to

You may contact the Cleveland Water Department at 216-664-3130 with any questions or concerns.


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