“WOW” your Client with Wisdom

Today’s homebuyers have an array of Real Estate experts to choose from. Help stand out by sharing advice and guidance as you would to a friend or family member, and providing insights to show them why you’re the expert. Show your client genuine thoughtfulness by wowing them with pre-planned information. This helps show your clients that you have their best interests at heart, and not just your own bottom line

To impress home buyers, real estate agents should become masters of local market data. That means knowing everything about neighborhood sales: how long a particular home has been on the market, how much the average price of a particular type of home has changed in recent months, and when a certain home had a price reduction.

They also should act like a mayor and tour guide, giving buyers an in-depth, locals-only look at the neighborhood, including telling them the best time to get a table at a popular restaurant and which streets are part of a flood zone.

It would benefit practitioners to become property visionaries, with the ability to point out the ideal use of a home, showing buyers how an awkward room could be transformed into another bedroom, or why the home might work best as a rental or investment property.

Finally, agents should be relationship-builders, forging bonds with local lenders, handymen, and other providers and knowing how other agents handle negotiations so that they can give their clients a competitive edge.


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