RPAC 101 – How are RPAC Decisions Made?

RPAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates. It supports candidates that support REALTOR Party issues. ACAR has a group of trustees who are appointed annually by the Board President to make RPAC decisions.

ACAR’s RPAC Trustees span the region and are extremely supportive of our advocacy efforts. They spend days upon days fundraising, but the most important responsibility the trustees have is evaluating the many candidates in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties to determine whether or not they (the candidates) are REALTOR Party champions worthy of RPAC support. To achieve this, the Trustees evaluate each political candidate’s voting record (REALTOR Party issues only), agenda and electability to determine which campaigns are supported. The local Trustees make recommendations to our state and national associations on candidates at those levels as well.

So, who are the 2015 RPAC Trustees and why do they invest in RPAC? Take a minute to read some of their thoughts.

Cyndi Kane (RE/MAX Crossroads), 2015 RPAC Chair
  1. Why do you invest in RPAC?  I invest in RPAC because I see the benefits of our dollars at work.  I very much appreciate the work done with those dollars to build relationships necessary for lobbying and advocating on behalf of homeowners.
  2. What’s the 1 thing you would tell other ACAR members about the importance of RPAC?  Not only are those dollars so very important to furthering the homeownership cause, it’s a small price to pay for the work that is done on behalf of REALTORS and their clients.  I appreciate the effect of the lobbying efforts as well as the fact that we are kept informed of possible legislation that can negatively impact us.


Judy Darwal (RE/MAX Trinity), Trustee at-Large
  1. Why do you invest in RPAC? To protect the rights of Sellers, Buyers and our entire Association.
  2. What’s the 1 thing you would tell other ACAR members about the importance of RPAC? If their Health, Home and Car insurance are important to them, then, they need to think of RPAC as the Insurance on their business – RPAC Insures every members Livelihood!


Seth Task (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services), Immediate Past President, Trustee
  1.  Why do you invest in RPAC? Because our investment helps to directly protect the public and our industry strength.
  2. Do you have a specific example to share how RPAC supporting Realtor Party Candidates has helped you professionally or personally? Please explain. Our support of Councilman Kevin Kelly brought him to ACAR to speak to the Legislative Committee.  Because of our relationship, I have been able to reach out to him personally on issues with the water dept and directly was able to help clients in emergency situations when the service was lacking.
  3. What’s the 1 thing you would tell other ACAR members about the importance of RPAC? Our money allows our voice to be heard.  It gives us a seat at the table, and a good seat at that.  If you are not at the table, YOU ARE ON THE MENU!  Be part of the solution!  Invest!

Other RPAC Trustees include:

Sally Johnson (Stouffer Realty; ACAR President)
Steve Merkle (Cutler Real Estate; ACAR President Elect)
Jim Fox (Stouffer Realty; ACAR Treasurer)
Sandy LoCascio (Stouffer Realty; ACAR Legislative Chair)
Joyce Goldsmith (Howard Hanna; Trustee at-large)
Nancy Leirer (KW Greater Cleveland Southeast; Trustee at-large)
John Lynch (KW Greater Cleveland, Trustee at-large)
Karen O’Donnell (Northwood Realty; Trustee at-large)
Ali Whitley (Cutler Real Estate; OAR RPAC Trustee)
Debbie Zarconi (Cutler Real Estate; Trustee at-large)
Joanne Zettl (Stouffer Realty; Trustee at-large)


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