Market an Experience Not Yourself

Like many REALTORS, you focus on marketing yourself to create awareness of your “brand” to gain new prospects and hopefully clients.  Most marketing options include local newspapers, social media, postcards, and the ever so favorite good ole’ door knocking or cold calling.

But what about marketing yourself in a different way?

For Erika Villegas, a broker associate with ERA Mi Casa Real Estate in Chicago, she found a unique way to grow her business in her neighborhood by combining her two favorite things- real estate and wine. With her recent relocation to Chicago she didn’t know that many people, more importantly, she didn’t know enough women. She learned from her experience in real estate that women are often the ones that make the important decisions like when and where to purchase a home. Her solution to meet more women and to market herself,  a women’s wine social event.  Erika started planning by picking strategic dates and locations so as many people as possible would come. She decided to ask different local businesses in her neighborhood if she could host her event at their location. This allowed her to meet new people as well as grow her brand within the community.

Market an Experience

Since real estate is about people, you want to engage them with an experience, while communicating to them that you can help achieve the dream of ownership. Engaging them at an event can leave a far better impression that and ad or post, and sharing an experience with them can keep them engaged even when the events over. Experiences, tend to meet more of our underlying psychological needs, and provide both  happiness and  lasting value. 

Social events are a great way to get people in your community involved. It not only lets them get to know you and vice verse, but it shows that you care about your community. Marketing yourself with an unconventional way can leave a far stronger impression than your post they might quickly scroll past. Mixing real estate with something else you love allows you to meet others like you, and enhance  their experience of the event as well as the impression you leave on them. This can also result in a great turn out for your social events.

So what would you mix with real estate?

Source: “wine and Real Estate” by Erika Villagas


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