Mechanical Lockboxes Available at ACAR’s REALTOR® Essential Store

Mechanical Lockboxes are now available at ACAR’s REALTOR® Essential store located in the Independence office (5633 Brecksville Road).

Several options for mechanical lockboxes are available.

Mechanical choices include:

3-Digit Alpha Boxes:                    $18.95 each

4-Digit Numeric Boxes:               $20.95 each

VAULT Lockboxes:                       $24.95 each

Supra Pushbutton Box:                 $31.95 each

Supra Dial Box:                            $28.95 each

Master Lockbox:                          $31.99 each

Electronic Lockboxes                   $25.00 each

We do caution members on the use of mechanical Lockboxes. Recently, NORMLS was notified that certain websites were displaying Broker Opens to the public which may have included the lockbox information (location/combination).

We believe this has been corrected.  However, for your safety as well as the safety of your clients, if you included a lockbox combination on your brokers’ tours, you should consider changing those lockbox combinations immediately to prevent unauthorized access to your listed properties.

ACAR also has Supra Active Keys or FOBs that work with the app on your smart phone, and Supra iBoxes.

For more information on electronic Key Cards and Lockboxes please call our store manager, Jane Shubert, at 216-525-4837 or visit our website at under “Member” tab and click on “REALTOR Essential Store”.



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