Vote, Act, Invest

ACAR’s 2015 RPAC Trustees Chair, Cyndi Kane, prepared the following poem about the Realtor Party and the power of the Realtor voice.  It was shared at our annual summer RPAC fundraiser. To learn more about the Realtor Party, click the button at the bottom of this article.


Vote, Act, Invest

By: Cyndi Kanerpbanner_300x250

Register to vote
Act now, take note

Power at the polls
as one…we roll

From Capitol Hill to City Hall
Decisions made effect all

Your dollar was well spent
To our supporters, it went

We are REALTORS involved, informed
Vocal we are experts in real estate local

Politics is your business
Be the difference, not a witness

It’s not a scheme
It’s the American Dream

Vote. Act. Invest.

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