Progress Report: Consumer Ad Campaign

ACAR’s Consumer Outreach Campaign continues educating consumers and ACAR continued to learn how consumers view REALTORS. Our third month of Outreach has just been studied and the results are staggering. Let’s start with total impressions from December 2014, March 2015 and June 2015 at a total of 2,879,277! That means the Consumer Outreach Campaign has educated 2,023,046 and landing page sessions ( top out at 11,004. That’s amazing!

In June our ads generated 960,556 total impressions and educated approximately 480,343 individuals through advertisements. Another 3,915 individuals learned more by visiting our landing page on the ACAR website. Even more impressive, an additional 218 people stuck around and viewed other pages on ACAR’s website.

So much for the statistics… what most consumers are not aware of is the legislative impact REALTORS have on the rights of private property owners. This Fall’s campaign has a focus on the professionalism that REALTORS bring to the table and that benefits all consumers.

Target markets…..there are several target markets and each age group needs its own message.

  • First Time Home Buyers: these folks are in their mid-20s, saving for their first home and most are carrying student loans – chief among their financial concerns. However, this age group is extremely concerned with buy v. rent. These potential buyers are very tech savvy and use the Internet as their primary tool.
  • Move-up Buyer: these buyers are in their early 30s. They want to move-up, but they are also aware of the costs associated with move-up purchases. They are likely to have a residence to sell. They are tech savvy and do use real estate tools available on the Internet.
  • Baby boomers: these consumers are in their early 60s. They have bought and sold a few properties by now. These purchasers are keenly aware the value REALTORS bring to the transaction. These buyers are not as tech savvy as their fellow home purchasers.

So how we reach all these age groups with a message that will strike everyone? Here are the tools: Internet radio, digital advertising, social media ads, news releases, blog posts, video marketing and infographics.

Still, our favorite statistic remains that ACAR members continue to share details of the Consumer Outreach Campaign on Facebook. Keep sharing, ACAR members!

Here are some of the ads we ran in June:






landing page



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