2016 Consumer Ad Campaign

ACAR is very excited to launch our 2016 Consumer Advertising Campaign! We know that educating northeast Ohio consumers about the importance of using a REALTOR® and advancing the REALTOR® brand is a core component of our mission. Our marketing team has developed a plan for 2016, and we’ll be promoting our message throughout 2016.  Take a moment to learn more about the campaign below.

In 2015, our campaign generated nearly 2 million total impressions across all advertising mediums and approximately 7,500 unique visits our consumer landing page, RealtorsOnYourSide.com.

standalone_ebookIn 2016 our main goal remains to build awareness and the perception that utilizing a REALTOR® provides value to the transaction. This year we’ll be offering consumers a copy of our new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling with a REALTOR®. By collecting some basic information, we’ll then be able to build a relationship with consumers and stay in touch with them about issues that impact their home ownership and private property rights.

Target Audiences:

First Time Home Buyer (Largely comprised of Millennial audience)

  • These individuals are in their mid-20s and are saving for their first home. Student loans are among their biggest financial concerns.
  • They use many real estate tools available on the internet and are very tech-savvy.

Move-up Buyer

  • These individuals are in their early- to mid-30s. They are excited to move-up, but they are concerned about the expenses associated with moving.
  • They are tech-savvy and using real estate tools available on the internet.
  • Most likely just starting family or early in the family stage looking for larger home

Baby Boomers

  • These individuals are in their early 60s. Have bought and sold a few homes in the past.
  • They see the value in using a REALTOR® and are less familiar with the real estate tools available on the Internet.

So how do we reach all these age groups with a message that will strike everyone? Here are the tools: Internet radio, digital advertising, social media ads, news releases, blog posts, video marketing and infographics.

We also rely on ACAR members continue to share details of the Consumer Outreach Campaign on Facebook. Keep sharing, ACAR members!

Consumer Landing Page

Here are some of our Advertisements

Pandora Radio 1:

Pandora Radio 2:


Pandora banner 500x500-v4

Pandora 500x500







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