Realtor Safety Alert


I want to caution local realtors of an inmate that is scheduled for release in early June. Robert E. Willett was charged and convicted of abduction in 2013 and is scheduled to be released on June 11, 2016. Robert E. Willett has used at least 2 aliases, Bill Parks, and Tim Ramsey when setting up meetings with various realtors for house showings. He has been known to be at open houses as well, illegibly signing the guest book, and typically staying to the end, being the last to leave. Realtors who have had contact with him have all described him as “off,” stating he makes them uncomfortable. He is unemployed, but has represented himself as a former Norton Fire Dept. member and as a security officer. He has presented badges for both. Realtors have noted his disheveled appearance, stating they didn’t believe he could afford the properties he was inquiring about.

In 2010, Akron police arrested him when he arrived at a showing with flex cuffs, scissors, and a knife on his person.  The realtor had Akron police with her at the residence she was showing due to her feeling uneasy about Willett’s behavior. The realtor had also received a disturbing image on her cell phone once she started dealing with him. Ultimately it returned to Willett’s phone. Akron Detectives documented that he had other reports on file from 1999 and 2006 where he acted similarly, causing the realtors to file a report on him.

Willett’s most recent incident was in 2013 when he “bear hugged” a realtor, causing a struggle between them. She broke free and was able to drive away. Mr. Willett was ultimately identified by his DNA from a pop bottle he had left inside the realtor’s vehicle

Upon release Mr. Willett will be placed on post release control with the Adult Parole Authority. As one of his conditions of parole, he will not be authorized to have any contact or schedule any appointments with real estate agencies or realtors. For the duration of his post release control (3 years) Mr. Willett will be placed on intensive supervision assigned to a US Marshall Fugitive Task Force Parole Officer. Parole will strictly monitor his activity and look for suspicious trends in his movement patterns. Please note that Mr. Willett will still be able to travel freely as it will be impossible for parole to know where and what he is doing at all times. Extreme caution should be taken when scheduling appointments with unknown clients and open house showings. If anyone is contacted for appointments under suspicious circumstances, or Mr. Willett is observed in or near any property sales, contact should be made immediately with local law enforcement or Parole Officer Todd Ligget at 330-807-1373, email

Below is Mr. Willet’s physical description/identifiers and recent photograph:

Robert E. Willett DOB: 3/1/1957 – 59 y/o Height/Weight: 6’05” – 280 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Prosthetic right leg

Robert E. Willett
DOB: 3/1/1957 – 59 y/o
Height/Weight: 6’05” – 280 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Prosthetic right leg

For further details feel free to contact my Chief Criminal Investigator, Ben Bergeron with any questions or concerns at 330-643-8337, email

Sherri Bevan Walsh
Summit County Prosecutor
53 University Ave., 6th Floor
Akron, Ohio  44308
(330) 643-8152



16 responses to “Realtor Safety Alert

  1. Jane Reese says:

    Who let this Scum Bag out ?!? 2 of my daughters are Realtors, and I fear for their lives !! Thanks….thanks a lot !!!

  2. Connie says:

    Why on earth is he getting out of prison you know he will do something

  3. Joe Smith says:

    How will this parolee be any different than the others who’s PO’s don’t contact them for MONTHS, don’t RETURN CALLS or even check that conditions of parole are being followed? Just curious.

  4. Michelle says:

    Why release him?! Because they are More concerned about druggies that will never stop instead of these pedophiles and rapists that only get a few months of jail time. Kinda sickening about how our System works!!?

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    I myself carry a stun gun, pepper spray and a striking tool ! I even have my CCW, but I can’t carry it every where I go ! So the damsel in defense equipment is light small and convienenf to carry !

  6. skye temple says:

    Realtors used to have new clients come to the office first, before showing a house. Any serious buyer should do this. You can weed out the slackers and criminals. Or work in pairs and carry a gun.

  7. Pam says:

    I actually went to school with this guy. Pretty sure he was in the developmentally delayed classes. He’s got a very LARGE appearance & attitude. I’m going to be house hunting soon & will be watching out!!!

    • Lynn says:

      I went to school with him as well. He was definitely in the developmentally delayed classes. Afterwards, he always wanted to be a cop and had a police radio in his car and several different kinds of badges. We were always leary of him.

    • Docile Jim Brady says:

      At 6’05” and 280 lbs he IS VERY large ‼

  8. Ned Racine says:

    Gee, he looks harmless.

  9. Joan says:

    You do not need to take anyone in your car you do not know or trust. I have met them there telling them I have another apt after them. A few years ago two guys walked in and I am glad I used this on them as they bought a home (not closing yet) from another company giving them keys because they said their truck was on the way.they rented to many people then skipped town and not closing.u might remember this in wadsworth. Never show without someone with u if you do not know someone and they are not approved first.shame on the company And the agent

  10. Oh I remember him. He came after me at a Saturday open house. Said he was a security guard at the psych ward.
    I think it was around 1998. I ran to a neighbors house and told them I was uncomfortable. The father and son were going to stay in the driveway and work on a car and keep an eye open. Sure enough Willet returned. I had already locked the front door. I ran out the back door and the neighbors took me inside and called the police. I had written down his license plate number the first time he was there. The police knew who he was but could not do anything because he hadn’t done anything to me…..yet

  11. Karen says:

    Joan just said shame on the agent for being attacked. I am so insulted. That agent was me in 2013. How dare you.
    This was our third time out looking and by 2013 he had his story down to a T.
    I may be sharing my story on my blog, maybe. I can’t handle comments like this one from somebody that shames a person for doing their job and fighting for their lives as a result!

  12. I love what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve you guys to my own blogroll.

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