Six Habits New REALTORS Need to Master for Success

You’ve chosen a career in real estate because of the limitless possibilities!  There are six habits that the most successful agents have all mastered:

Returning calls, emails and texts with lightning speed!  They mirror their client’s communication preference and are consistently responsive.  Nothing makes clients feel more important than prompt and reliable communication.

Staying up on the latest technology!  They have and know how to use an IPad or tablet, a smart phone, social media and the latest real estate apps.

Knowing neighborhoods!  They learn information that isn’t easily accessible in a Google search.  Discover tidbits that show your value!

Explaining what they’re doing!  Again, they show their value.  Communicating all the steps that go into a real estate transaction validates your worth.

Having a great network!  They create a network of top-notch partners.  Observe and learn from successful real estate professionals.  Start by attending the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS New Member Launch on Monday, June 13th from 9 am to noon or 1-4 pm.  Courtesy individual headshots taken by professional photographer for all attendees. RSVP below or call 216-901-0130 to register.

Getting leads every way they can!  They have broad marketing plans.  Utilize a mix of lead sources—relationships, postcards, social media, ads, events, signs, etc.  Don’t automatically write off “old school” marketing techniques.  There’s a reason they’re still around!

This is a summary of a blog post written by Deirdre Woollard, “Six Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents.” Published on, February 12, 2013.

Chief Executive Officer | Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS®


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