2016 RPAC Supported Candidates

Annually, the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC) trustees spend days upon days fundraising, but the most important responsibility the trustees have is evaluating the many candidates in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties to determine whether or not they (the candidates) are REALTOR Party champions worthy of RPAC support. To achieve this, the Trustees evaluate each political candidate’s position on REALTOR Party issues only, his/her agenda, and electability to determine which campaigns are supported. RPAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates. The local Trustees make recommendations to our state and national associations on candidates at those levels as well.

The RPAC trustees are appointed annually by the Board President to make RPAC decisions. They span the region and are extremely supportive of our advocacy efforts.

Recently, the trustees of ACAR’s RPAC met over the course of 4 days to review a plethora of General Election campaigns in both Summit County and Cuyahoga County.  A few statistics about the candidate review process:

  • 58 – Number of questionnaires distributed
  • 44 – Number of candidates reviewed
  • 27 – Number of hours spent on interviews and deliberations
  • $70,000 – Dollars invested in Realtor Party Champion campaigns in 2016 (to date)

The following candidates/campaigns are receiving RPAC support for the General Election. No candidates were endorsed by the Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors.

Cuyahoga County
  • Ohio Senate, District 24 – Matt Dolan
  • Ohio House, District 6 – Marlene Anielski
  • Ohio House, District 7 – Tom Patton
  • Ohio House, District 8 – Kent Smith
  • Ohio House, District 10 – Bill Patmon
  • Ohio House, District 11 – Stephanie Howse
  • Ohio House, District 13 – Nickie Antonio
  • Ohio House, District 14 – Marty Sweeney
  • Ohio House, District 15 – Nick Celebrezze
  • Ohio House, District 16 – Dave Greenspan
  • Cuyahoga Co. Council, District 2 – Dale Miller
  • Cuyahoga Co. Council, District 4 – Scott Tuma
  • Cuyahoga Co. Council, District 6 – Jack Schron
  • Cuyahoga Co. Council, District 8 – Pernel Jones, Jr.
  • Cuyahoga Co. Council, District 10 – Anthony Hairston
Summit County




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