The Skinny on the NAR Ethics Requirement

By Sandy Naragon, CEO

In January, 2001 the National Association of REALTORS mandated all REALTORS® complete a 2 1/2 hour course on ethics every four years.  December 31, 2016 is the next deadline for active REALTORS.

There is a lot of confusion about this requirement—primarily because Ohio licensees are also required to complete an Ethics course as part of their tri-annual CE requirements. The requirement actually makes it very simple to meet the NAR mandate.  

#1 Misconception: REALTORS have to take two different Ethics courses—one for Ohio CE and the other for NAR requirement. 

Truth: As part of the mandate, NAR delegated the procedure for ensuring REALTORS meet the requirement to each local Board of REALTORS. ACAR considers any CE course approved by the Ohio Division of Real Estate for Ethics acceptable to also meet the NAR Ethics requirement.   

#2 Misconception: The reporting process is a hassle! 

Truth: ACAR staff automatically updates your NAR record showing you’ve completed the requirement if you’ve taken your Ethics CE courses through ACAR (or between January 1 and October 15, 2013 with former AABOR or CABOR.) As member service, we’ll also update your record if you’ve taken Ethics via:

  • An ACAR Education Partner like Hondros College (email your certificate to ACAR at
  • An ACAR broker or affiliate (confirm whether the sponsor will report your attendance to ACAR or whether you’re required to fax or email your certificate.)
  • Another Board of REALTORS (email a copy of your certificate to ACAR at

Haven’t taken an Ethics CE class since January 1, 2013?  Visit ACAR’s CE schedule for the next available class.

If you don’t have time to attend a live Ethics class – go to here to take an online course through ACAR’s online education partner, Hondros College.

Not sure whether you’ve taken your Ethics CE required class yet, check here. Search for your first and last name, and the “Detail” button will take you to your record which includes a list of your completed CE classes.


3 responses to “The Skinny on the NAR Ethics Requirement

  1. Sybil A. Mundy says:

    I would like to confirm that Hondros online course RECOH150050218HH satisfies both the NAR ethics requirement and the Ohio licensing CEU ethics requirement. It is a 3-hour course.

    Thank you,
    Sybil A. Mundy
    Ohio License # 2005005821

  2. Deborah says:

    I am a new licensee. I received an email from NAR about the requirement and clicked the new licensee link on and completed their online course. I’m assuming this satisfied the requirement. How do I check that they have noted me as fulfilling the requirement?

  3. Peggy Herron says:

    If we take an Ethics CE every three yrs why do we need the 4 yr mandatory
    CE Ethics?

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