Notice from City of Kent on Zoning Use Certificates

In March of 2011, the Kent City Council approved significant changes to the City’s Zoning Code, which resulted in numerous updates to the existing language and the inclusion of several new regulations. One of the new requirements that is relevant to the work performed by ACAR members is found in Section 1105.16, which requires anyone selling real property in the City of Kent to provide prospective buyers with a copy of the “Zoning Use Certificate” for a property prior to entering into a contract of sale.

According to Bridget Susel, Kent Community Development Director, the Community Development Department staff does receive requests for “Zoning Use Certificates” from many realtors, but recently have been contacted by several purchasers who did not receive the “Zoning Use Certificate” prior to completing a sales transaction. These new owners were unaware of the zoning use restrictions that are in place for the property they recently acquired.

Below is the information regarding needed compliance with Kent’s Section 1105.16, “Zoning Use Certificate.” If anyone has questions or needs any additional information, please contact Heather Phile, Kent Development Planner, at; or Bridget Susel, Kent Community Development Director, at suselb@kent­ Both can also be reached by phone at 330-678-8108.

City of Kent Zoning Use Certificate

City of Kent Zoning Use Certificate


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