Advocating for You: Talking Real Estate in Cleveland Heights

On February 14, 2018, members of ACAR’s Legislative Committee and staff met with officials from Cleveland Heights to talk all things real estate.

Joining ACAR at the meeting were Mayor Carol Roe, City Manager Tanisha Briley, Housing Programs Manager Allan Butler, and Assistant City Manager Susanna O’Neil.  In addition to sharing local real estate market data and insights, the group talked about resources ACAR can utilize for partnership building with the City, and the city’s Point of Sale inspection policy. ACAR representatives were surprised to learn that Housing Department will work with folks on the escrow amount when possible.

Although ACAR and some Cleveland Heights officials have opposing views on the impact of Point of Sale inspections, both parties want the same thing – thriving neighborhoods.  We will continue to educate officials in Cleveland Heights on obstacles to homeownership such as their Point of Sale inspection policy & escrow requirement.  

To learn more about Cleveland Heights, visit For more information about ACAR and its Government Affairs Department, contact Jamie McMillen.


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